Removing & Fitting A Recliner Cable From Handle

1 With the handle already out, locate where the black cable sheath clips into the handle.
2 Remove the wire retaining clip that loops over the cable with a small flat blade screw driver.
3 Unclip the cable from the handle, remove the barrel from the holder and dispose.
4 With the new cable, guide the barrel into the plastic handle barrel holder then clip the plastic sheath clip back into handle.
5 Replace the wire retainer over the cable and clip one side at a time back into place.
6 Test the new cable for smooth operation before refitting to recliner.

Remove And Fitting A Recliner Handle With Cable

1 Place a drop sheet or old towels around the recliner
2 Remove the two retaining screws from the trigger release handle.
3 Gently turn the recliner over remember correct lifting methods.
4 Locate the exposed cable end.
5 Manually open the recliner action by levering on the main actuator tube holding the foot rest section not letting it to fling open.
6 Using a pair of pointy noise pliers” clamp the plastic cable retaining clip clips together and remove from the recliner action frame.
7 Locate the “S” end of the cable and remove from the operating pivot. Holding the cable in one hand and the plastic trigger end in the other guide the complete unit out thru the trigger release end opening.
8 Check the new trigger release and cable for correctness before fitting.
9 Feed the new trigger release and cable thru the trigger opening end.
10 With the new plastic trigger release handle sitting in the correct position re-fasten it to the recliner.
11 Attach the “S” end of the cable to the operating pivot, then the plastic retaining clip to the recliner action frame. Test the new trigger release for smooth operation.
12 Gently close the foot rest and turn the recliner back over.
13 Sit in the recliner and open the foot rest using the new trigger release and check for a smooth operation.