How To Install Recliner Springs

Removing & Fitting A Recliner Spring

1 Gently turn the recliner over remember correct lifting methods.
2 Open the recliner footrest.
3 Locate the spring you are replacing. You may want to mark where it come from.
4 Using a pair of pointy noise pliers, remove the recliner spring by un-attaching the hook ends from the recliner action.
5 With the new recliner spring in hand, hook the one hook end in first then using the pliers pull and hook the other end into the the recliner action. You may need to use your figers to help locate it into the hole. Be careful, they can bite!
6 Turn the recliner back over and test the the footrest now stays close in the closed position.
7 Sit in the recliner and open the foot rest using the trigger release and check that it locks closed when returned to the closed position.