How To Use CouchGuard Leather Care Kit

Simply read these easy to follow directions and your leather lounge will be like new again in no time at all!

CouchGuard Deep Leather Cleaner Directions:

The directions apply for pigmented / finished, corrected grain and bi-cast leathers.

1. Place a drop sheet or old towel around the couch to be cleaned to protect floor
coverings. (not supplied)

2. Vacuum any loose dirt from your sofa using your upholstery and crevice tools.

3. Always work on one area at a time. Evenly Spray CouchGuard® Deep
Leather Cleaner onto selected area.

4. Wipe dry with the white towel. Repeat process until all grime is removed.

5. CouchGuard recommends applying our Leather Conditioning Cream after cleaning. Use as directed.

Tip: In a clean bucket add 1-2 litres of clean warm water to rinse the agitating brush regularly during cleaning.

CouchGuard® Leather Conditioning Cream Directions:

1 Lightly dampen 1 white microfibre towel (supplied) with water. Work water into cloth until a ball like shape is formed.

2 Apply CouchGuard® Leather Conditioning Cream onto the towel. Work into the towel then gently apply cream evenly over leather. Continue process until the complete couch has been treated.
Warning: Always test on a small hidden area before use

For best results allow the leather conditioner to absorb into leather for 1-2hrs before placing throw cushions back onto couch or using.