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Battery Pack For Reclining Furniture

The Okin Battery Pack, JLDP.11.101.00 is an entry level battery back pack for reclining furniture. This 1300 mAh battery can be used with any lift chair or electric recliner for when the mains power fails or where there is no power point in the middle of the room for your electric recliner. 

It comes with a seperate charger.

If you'r looking for a premium, longer lasting battery between charges then take a look at the Battery Pack 1800 here.

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Q. My recliners have LED and USB connection in them. Which battery pack is suitable?

A. The Okin Battery Pack 1800 is designed for an inline back up. This means it connects between the power supply now and the chair. Power goes out, you wouldn’t even know it, even with the LED and USB connected. This battery pack is still the best option if you’r planning on using it a s standalone unit and would last up to 3 months before charging is required with NO LED.

Both are not suitable IF you’r planning on using them as  a standalone power source.

No battery is going to last long when the LED is glowing 24/7. Same as leaving your car lights on! You’d be charging it daily.

Q. Do I require a separate charger to recharge the 130mAh battery pack?

A. Yes but this unit comes with a 240volt wall charger.

Q. Can the battery be pluged into my lift chair all the time for back up for when the power goes out?

A. Yes. You simply unplug your power supply and fit our battery pack inline using your existing 0l leads.

Q. My motor says its 24V. Will this power supply still be ok?

A. Yes. All recliner chair motors are 24V or 25V and use the 29V power supply.

Q. How do I know when to recharge the battery?

A. Our battery packs have a built in alarm so when the battery starts to run low this alrm will sound until you charge the battery.

Q. How do I know my plug is the same size?

A. These plugs are worldwide industry standard 0l plugs. One size. When you look at the male plug end it looks like zero (O) and a one ( l ).

Q. I'm looking at electric recliners but have no power points in the middle of the room. Can I use this battery and do I need one for each chair?

A. Yes you can. You can run one or two batteries but remember if you run only run one with a "Y" splitter you will need to recharge more often.

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It's not recommend to use the battery pack for reclining furniture if you have a USB switch or LED lighting in the switch. 

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  • Jan 11, 2021, 05:35 PM
    We bought 2 recliner chair battery packs and they are fabulous. Did away with messy cords and wires. Got fed up waiting for an electrician to put a power point in. Is perfectly hidden under the chair. We can move our chairs around to any part of the room with no worries. Comes with a charger when needed. Definitely recommend this product if you want a comfy electric recliner chair anywhere in your house.

Removing & Fitting General Electrical Components

1 Place a drop sheet or old towels around the recliner.

2 Turn off and remove the power supply plug from the mains.

3 Disconnect the old power supply transformer for the 0l extension lead.

4 Connect the Lithium Battery Pack to the 0l extension lead.

5 Check all other leads are out of the way of moving parts.

6 Turn the mains power switch back on. The LED light will flash red, solid red when charging and solid green LED when fully charged.

Tip: Check that all the leads are cable tied away from moving parts before turning the power supply back on. Leads can sometimes get jammed between moving parts causing a dead short after the chair is moved.

DO NOT exceed more then 2 mins continuous operating time at anyone time.

If you do exceed this time, wait 20 mins before using again.

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