Compatible Kaidi KDYJT006-20

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Kaidi KDYJT006-20 Motor

CouchGuard for electric recliner spare parts. We stock a compatible electric recliner motor for the Kaidi KDYJT006-20. Please compare your measurements to our Data Spec Sheet below prior to ordering.

The KDYJT006-20 comes 800N/600N which = 80 / 60kg and a speed of 36mm/s. Our unit comes 1,000N/800N = 100 / 80kg with a speed of 20mm/s. The faster they go, the less weight they can push / pull. We believe our specifications are a good balance for the average weighted person. Reliability over speed. Scroll down or swipe up for more info  

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250mm Stroke Actuator - Compatible with but not limited to the Kaidi KDYJT006-20. Click or Tap on the "Data Spec Sheet" tab above for measurements 

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Removing & Fitting A Actuator

1 Place a drop sheet or old towels around the recliner.

2 Turn off and remove the power supply plug from the mains.

3 Gently turn the recliner over onto its side or on its back. Remember correct lifting methods.

4 Locate the component and its lead. Follow the lead along to the plug ends remembering where it runs.

5 Using a pair of side cutters, snip the cable ties that are retaining the lead to the frame.

6 Loctate the two mounting pins and clips that hold the motor to the frame. Remove the wire retaining clips from the pins using a pair of pointy noise pliars. Hold the motor and remove the pins.

7 Place the new motor assmebly into position. Replace the pins through the mounting holes and attach the wire clips.

8 Plug in all leads and run them along the frame. Check that all leads are out of the way of moving parts. Cable tie the leads back to the frame.

9 Turn the recliner back over to normal seating position

10 Plug the main power supply back into the wall.

11 Test the new component. Operate the lift chair recliner to its fullest position and check that all the leads are clear and not stretched.

12 Return the lift chair to its normal seating position.

Tip: Check that all the leads are cable tied away from moving parts before turning the power supply back on. Leads can sometimes get jammed between moving parts causing a dead short after the chair is moved.

DO NOT exceed more then 2 mins operating time at anyone time.

If you do exceed this time, wait 20 mins before using again.

Universal Actuator Measurments

The universal actuators have an overall length of 425mm and a stroke of 250mm. This is industry standard and also has then "0I" power lead plus the 5 pin plug control plug. This overall measurement is from the center of the clevis pin mounting hole to the center of the mounting nut on the opposite end. Please refer to our Data Spec Sheet. The stroke is the distance the white plastic guide travels . This kit also comes with a 1 year warranty.

240mm Actuator Specifications

Input Voltage:
24V DC
Max Load Capacity:
Push - 1,000 (100kgs), Pull - 1,000N (100kgs)
Max Speed:
Std Stroke:
MIN Install:
Limit Switch:
Type Of Duty:
S2 - 10mins
Protection Class:
Power Wire Plug:
Standard 0I Plug
Hand Control Plug:
Female 5 Pin Plug

Universal Actuator Kit Contains

x 1
0I Extension Cable:
x 1
Power Supply:
x 1
Power Cable:
x 1

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