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How To Use This Product

Couchguard® Rinse Aid Directions:

1 Add 30ml into 1 litre of clean water.

2 Dampen white cloth in the clean water and blot away spills.

3 Use a dry white cloth to blot up any excess moister.

4 For stubbing spills or stains use CouchGuard® Fabric Spotter as per directions.

Couchguard® Fabric Spotter Directions:

The directions are a general guide only.

1 Blot up excess stain deposits with a clean white cloth.

2 Lightly spray CouchGuard® Fabric Spotter onto effected area. Do not over wet. Lightly agitate and allow to dwell for 5 minutes.

3 In a clean bucket or container add 30ml of CouchGuard® Rinse Aid to 1 litre of clean water.

4 Dampen a white cloth in the clean water and blot away the stain. Rinse the cloth in the clean water and repeat blotting working in a twisting circular motion around and into the stain. DO NOT RUB

5 Repeat if necessary.

6 Use a clean white cloth to blot away any excess moisture.

7 Once dry and stain removed, vacuum away any residue then apply CouchGuard® Fabric Protector by lightly misting the area. Allow to dry and repeat. DO NOT OVER WET.

The Rinse Aid will prevent watermarks in the fabric.

Couchguard® Fabric Protection Directions:

1 Evenly mist spray CouchGuard® Fabric Protector onto selected area.

fabric protection

2 Allow to dry the repeat once using a different spary pattern to maximise even coverage.

fabric protector

Allow to completely dry before using agian. Drying times may vary depending on weather.

These products are wool friendly and can also be used on carpet, vehicle interiors, boat trim etc.

Warning: Always test on a small hidden area before use


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About This Product

CouchGuard® Rinse Aid will help prevent water marks after stains and spills have been cleaned away and dried. CouchGuard® Rinse Aid will leave the fibres feeling softer, dry faster and even neutralise urine deposits but best of all its all fibre safe and friendly. Simply add to clean water. CouchGuard® Rinse Aid can be used as a stand alone product or in conjuction with CouchGuard® Fabric Spotter.


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