Okin Plastic Fork Head

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Plastic Forkhead

The plastic fork head is the connector on the end of the stroke tube of the Okin actuator. A clevis pin goes through this piece and the chair lift mechanism to hold that end of the motor on the chair. This plastic forkhead will fit the Deltadrive, Gammadrive, Megadrive and Okidrive. The plastic fork head is found on the Okin motors. 

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Suitable For Okin actuator only and has 25mm left handed thread.

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Removing & Fitting A Forkhead

1 Place a drop sheet or old towels around the recliner.

2 Turn off and remove the power supply plug from the mains.

3 Gently turn the recliner over onto its side or on its back. Remember correct lifting methods.

4 Locate the forkhead and remove the clevis pin retainers then the clevis pins. You may choose to only remove the forkhead end pin and replace the forkhead while the actuator is still in the chair.

DO NOT use multi-grips or similar type tools on the very end where the clevis pin hole is. If you really need to use this type of tool then make a firm grip down as close to thew thread as possible.

5 Unwind the old forkhead from the stroke tube. This is a left hand thread then screw in the new one.

6 Reposition the actuator and fit the clevis pins and retainers.

7 Check all leads are out of the way of moving parts.

8 Turn the recliner back over to normal seating position

9 Plug the main power supply back into the wall.

10 Test the new component. Operate the lift chair recliner to its fullest position and check that all the leads are clear and not stretched.

11 Return the lift chair to its normal seating position.

Tip: Check that all the leads are cable tied away from moving parts before turning the power supply back on. Leads can sometimes get jammed between moving parts causing a dead short after the chair is moved.

DO NOT exceed more then 2 mins operating time at anyone time.

If you do exceed this time, wait 20 mins before using again.

Forkhead Measurments

Overall Length:
Mount Hole:
Thread Width:
25mm left-hand

Compatible with the Okin series motors:



Q. Do these forkheads come with 20mm thread?

A. No. We only stock the Okin style which is 25mm.

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