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CouchGuard® Leather Repair Resin is a waterborne, polyurethane repair binder that also contains resins and glues for repairing the top layers of badly worn leather. It's ideal for areas that really should have leather panel replacement for a permeant repair but you're after a better repair then leather filler but don't want to spend several hundreds of dollars on panel replacements.

Areas such as seating cushions that have worn away all the top layers exposing a raw, furry looking leather. It can also be uses on heavily cracked areas again such as seating cushions or arm rests.

Wash The Area Well With Leather Prep Before Applying The Resin

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CouchGuard® Leather Repair Resin is a form of "liquid leather" for lack of a better term. To use this product, wash the area having the Leather Repair Resin applied well with Leather Prep and lightly sand with 400g sandpaper. 

Being worn, open leather, it will absorb the leather prep more so than "normal leather" so make sure the area is completely dry before applying the resin.  You can use a hairdryer to speed up this process.

Using a sponge, apply the Leather Repair Resin in an even, thin layer to start with and allow to dry. Repeat until the area is repaired to your liking. You may also pour the resin on for larger areas and allow it to flow out remembering though, the thicker you apply it the longer it will take to dry.

Lightly sand with 400g to 600g paper and apply CouchGuard® Leather Colour to finish off the repair. You may also apply a thin layer of leather filler if needed at this point.

You can NOT use this product withy actual Leather Dye

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