Brass Bush Washer Kit

brass washer kit for lift chairs

Brass Bush Washer Kit


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High Tensile Bolt with brass washer bush for the Leggett & Platt lift chair recliner action.

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Leggett & Platt brass washer bush that is found in electric lift chair actions. The kit also includes the nylon washer, shoulder bolt and nyloc locknut.


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Fitting The Brass Washer Kit

General Instructions Only

1 Place a drop sheet
or old towels around the recliner.

2 Gently turn the recliner over onto its side or on its back to gain easy access to the area that needs replacing. Remember correct lifting methods. You may need to “nudge” the action up or down to gain access.

3 Locate the brass bush & shoulder bolt. Undo the nyloc nut from the shoulder bolt.

4 Remove the broken brass bush from the pivot point. This should just push out with a gentle tap with a flat blade screw driver or similar. Wipe the area clean with a rag.

5 Using the new shoulder bolt & old nyloc, place the brass washer into place then tighten the nut. This is going to “press” the new brass washer into position.

6 Once the brass washer is into position, undo the old nyloc and assemble the pivot point using the plastic washer and new nyloc. Tighten firmly but DO NOT over tighten.

7 Return the chair to the upright position and test the recliner by using the buttons to lift the chair up. Check that everything is running ok and freely. Adjust if necessary.

8 Return the chair to the recliner position and check everything again.

9 Return the lift chair to its normal seating position.

Tip: Check that all the leads are cable tied away from moving parts before turning the power supply on. Leads can sometimes get jammed between moving parts causing a dead short after the chair is moved.
DO NOT exceed more then 2 mins operating time at anyone time. If you do exceed this time, wait 20 mins before using again.

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