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Stains of today have changed and so has CouchGuard® products to keep up. Our upholstery cleaner is tough on stains yet gentle on upholstery, carpet and wool products. CouchGuard® Fabric Spot Cleaner is formulated with the latest stain removal technology that really works! It lifts stubborn stains caused by foods, drinks, cosmetics, oils, organics, pets and some inks. CouchGuard® Fabric Spotter contains anti-soling encapsulation technology, encapsulates the grime, drying it to a brittle residue meaning it can be vacuumed away or more stubben stains maybe rinsed using our Rinse Aid.

Commercial Strength with Encapsulation Technology and Australian Made.

CouchGuard is an Australian Owned Company

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Fabric Stain Remover with Encapsulation Technology. Encapsulators are speciality detergent polymers which become part of the detergent system. As drying occurs, after cleaning, these encapsulators bind the detergent molecules and residual soils in a brittle, crystalline structure. Detergent and soil particles can no longer attract other soils and are easily removed by dry vacuuming. In addition to binding the detergent and soil residues, the encapsulation chemistry coats the clean fibre with the same brittle film. This reduces the fibre’s affinity for oily and particulate soils. As this brittle film “breaks away” and more soil is removed, the appearance of the fibre improves as opposed to soiling more rapidly.

How To Remove Grease Stain From Fabric Chair. 

Please read our Directions on how easy common stains can be removed use CouchGuard® Fabric Care Products.

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CouchGuard® Fabric Protector will last approximately 18-24 months depending on how often you have the fabric professionally cleaned and the solutions they use.

No. Its none toxic. Our Fabric Protection Spray is water based not solvent based.

A. No. Definitely not. There is no testing on animals and our products contains no animal product. Its vegan!

Most Definitely! Freshly cleaned or new carpets. Our Fabric Protection can be used on any material / fabric that's not effected by water.

Generally 1-8 hours depending on the weather. The warmer the day, the quicker it will dry. You should never over wet the fabric and allow each coat to flash off before appling the next.

Definitely. Just let the couch almost dry after the steam clean then apply as per the directions.

Our Fabric Protection comes R.T.U. (ready to use). There is no mixing required.

CouchGuard Fabric Protection is waterbased, non toxic and contains no harmful chemicals were as Scotchguard is a solvent so its flammable and contains chemicals now deemed to be unsafe. Scotchguard™ or Scotchgard™ is also a registed trademark and just a well known brand.

The directions are a general guide only.
1 Blot up excess stain deposits with a clean white cloth.

2 Lightly spray CouchGuard® Fabric Spotter onto effected area. Do not over wet. Lightly agitate and allow to dwell for 5 minutes.

3 In a clean bucket or container add 30ml of CouchGuard® Rinse Aid to 1 litre of clean water.

4 Dampen a white cloth in the clean water and blot away the stain. Rinse the cloth in the clean water and repeat blotting working in a twisting circular motion around and into the stain. DO NOT RUB

5 Repeat if necessary.

6 Use a clean white cloth to blot away any excess moisture.

7 Once dry and stain removed, vacuum away any residue then apply CouchGuard® Fabric Protector by lightly misting the area. Allow to dry and repeat. DO NOT OVER WET.

Always Test In A Small Hidden Area

1 Add 30ml into 1 litre of clean water.

2 Dampen white cloth in the clean water and blot away spills.

3 Use a dry white cloth to blot up any excess moister.

4 For stubbing spills or stains use CouchGuard® Fabric Spotter as per directions.

CouchGuard® Fabric Protection Directions, 250ml and 500ml:

1 Evenly mist spray CouchGuard® Fabric Protector onto selected area.
2 Allow to dry the repeat once using a different spray pattern to maximise even coverage.

CouchGuard® Fabric Protection Directions 1lt to 5lt:

1 If the couches are on timber or tiled floors, place a drop sheet or old towels around to protect the floor coverings. (not supplied)
2 First test the battery sprayer with water to adjust the spray pattern. You can do this by placing the pick up tube into the sink or a bucket before connecting to the fabric protection bottle.
3 Testing on a cloth or towel, adjust the fan width by turning the white adjustor on the sprayer. You want a wide even mist.
4 Evenly spray CouchGuard® Fabric Protector onto the couch in one direction. DO NOT over wet.
fabric protection
5 Allow to flash off then repeat once using a different spray pattern to maximise even coverage.
fabric protector

If the couch is on carpet and its clean, allow the protection overspray mist to fall onto the carpet. This will protect the carpet at the same time! Allow to completely dry before using agian. Generally allow 1 plus hours to dry completely. Drying times may vary depending on weather.

Warning: Always test on a small hidden are before use.

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