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General questions regarding CouchGuard products. FAQ’s regarding CouchGuard products including how to measure a recliner cable. We are a 100% online store with no phone number.

All correspondence is via email.

A. The KDDY022 uses the 6pin adaptor plus seperate charger to charge. This is because these batteries are generally mounted up under the recliner. The KDDY022A uses the recliners original power supply to charge.

A. Simply click or tap on the "In The Box" tab on the products page. Thats the Leather Repair Kits page.

leather coverage guide

Yes. You can use the Comprehensive Leather Care kit on all coloured leathers and not just white. This kit is designed for pigmented and finished leathers.

CouchGuard Fabric Protection is waterbased, non toxic and contains no harmful chemicals were as Scotchguard is a solvent so its flammable and contains chemicals now deemed to be unsafe. Scotchguard™ or Scotchgard™ is also a registed trademark and just a well known brand.

The Leather Colour Changers are the pigments that make up the actual colour. For example, Beige is made from Ochre, Black and White pigment so you would receive them in the kit. White on the other hand is made from just White Pigment but you would receive Ochre, Black and Brown pigments. You can't choose the actual colours. We provide the Colour Changers depending on what colour repair kit you order.

Yes you can use this on vinyl / bonded leather. Some, not all vinyls may need the Leather Sealer applied after if it feels tacky when dry.

LB is short for Lazy Boy and PL is short for Plush. This means we have match these colours to some of their leathers.

A. Emails are sent to you when the order has been shipped. If you selected a premium postage option ie: with tracking or Express Postage, then a seperate email regarding the tracking number is also sent.

Click or Tap on the "In The Box" tab when you're on the products page to reveal a detailed list of whats in each kit plus there is a "Coverage Ideal For..." under each kit.

Click or Tap on the "Measuring" tab on the products page and follow the Cable Cheat Sheet to measure your cable correctly. Make sure you disconnect your cable from the handle before measuring. If you cable has broken the barrel off of the end, simply add that measurement, 3.5 or 6mm to the overall length measurement.