Leather Repair Resin

leather repair resin

Leather Repair Resin

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From: $19.95

CouchGuard® Leather Repair Resin is a waterborne, polyurethane repair binder that also contains resins and glues for repairing the top layers of badly worn leather. It’s ideal for areas that really should have leather panel replacement for a permeant repair but you’re after a better repair then leather filler but don’t want to spend several hundreds of dollars on panel replacements.

Areas such as seating cushions that have worn away all the top layers exposing a raw, furry looking leather. It can also be uses on heavily cracked areas again such as seating cushions or arm rests.

Wash The Area Well With Leather Prep Before Applying The Resin

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CouchGuard® Leather Repair Resin is a form of “liquid leather” for lack of a better term. To use this product, wash the area having the Resin applied well with Leather Prep and lightly sand with 400g sandpaper. 

Being worn, open leather, it will absorb the leather prep more so than “normal leather” so make sure the area is completely dry before applying the resin.  You can use a hairdryer to speed up this process.

Using a sponge, apply the Leather Repair Resin in an even, thin layer to start with and allow to dry. Repeat until the area is repaired to your liking. You may also pour the resin on for larger areas and allow it to flow out remembering though, the thicker you apply it the longer it will take to dry.

Lightly sand with 400g to 600g paper and apply CouchGuard® Leather Colour to finish off the repair. You may also apply a thin layer of leather filler if needed at this point.

You can NOT use this product withy actual Leather Dye Please read our FAQ’s why.

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A. Simply click or tap on the "In The Box" tab on the products page. Thats the Leather Repair Kits page.

leather coverage guide
A. This is common with this type of leather. It is meant to develop the worn look over time. So what ever you spill or mark it with will add character to the leather surface. This includes body and hair oils. The idea of the care kit is to clean the leather surface before replenishing the oils and waxes back into the leather hide to prevent it from drying out.

No. You can't use leather filler or our Leather Repair Resin and leather dye together. The Leather Dye is alcohol based so it will soften the filler or resin. If you have an aniline leather, then no filler just dye. If you have a finished / pigmented leather then you can use the resin or filler and leather colour, which is leather paint.

You can’t repair Aniline Leather like you can a Finished / Pigmented Leather. Once you sand and apply Leather Filler to an Aniline Leather it then becomes a Finished / Pigmented leather and needs Leather Paint to cover the filler. Your not going to replicate that finish with Leather Paint.

You can rub Leather Dye into your Aniline Leather (once prepped with Leather Prep) but you can't fill and sand the cracking. Dye takes on the colour is being applied to. So where there is colour now or a darker spot this will keep getting dark so the finish will be uneven. Thats how Aniline is.

We say our Leather Dye is for leather but its up to you what you want to use it on.

Yes. You can use the Comprehensive Leather Care kit on all coloured leathers and not just white. This kit is designed for pigmented and finished leathers.

Yes and No. Not all leather is repairable as such. Generally the seating areas along with the arm and headrest areas are damaged from body oils, perspiration etc. The leather has absorbed these contaminates over the years so getting a permeant repair is near impossible. Adhesion may / will be an issue or those areas will crack again with little use.

You may also want to look at using our Leather Repair Resin if you don't want to do leather panel replacements.

If you do go ahead and repair badly damaged areas and the repairs fail, please don't blame our products when this happens.

No. You would need 3 litres or the 3lt kit for a 5 seater modular, no chaise. You'll also find an "Coverage Guide Ideal For..." under each kit listed in the "In The Box" tab. If you are ordering a 3lt kit and your modular has a chaise or is extra large you will need to purchase the additional 1lt Leather Colour

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