Small Brown Handle & Cables

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Small Brown Handle & Cables

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From: $8.80

The small brown recliner handle with cable. This recliner handle measures 90mm x 75mm across the outer face and takes the 3.5mm barrel. If you require the 6mm barrel option, please select that from the drop down menu.

You’ll find a list of recliner cables that generally pair with this handle. The only 6mm barrel cable option for this style handle is the 100mm exposed.

Some of our recliner cables come with the inline spring on the cable. This is easily removed if you don’t require it. Simply unwind it off.

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The small brown recliner handle measures 90mm x 75mm across the outer face, takes a 3.5mm barrel and can either be ordered as individual recliner handle or as a complete unit, handle and cable. The exposed cable length is the key to selecting the correct recliner cable. This is easily measured by using the Cable Cheat Sheet that is on this page. Tap or click on the Measuring tab.

Once you know your exposed cable length, choose from one of the “Options” in the dropdown menu.

The Woodgrain finish on these handles has been stopped due to the waste / pollution created during the manufacturing process. Small steps, but every step helps the environment.

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  1. Colin Smith

    I ordered a recliner chair handle and it arrived in just a couple of days. The service was brilliant in all aspects. They even corrected a couple of errors that I had made which resulted in the sale being for less than the original. Much appreciated.
    Many thanks

  2. Peter Manuel

    Thanks for your very prompt response to my small purchase of a recliner handle. Ordered on the Saturday afternoon on line – delivered in rural SA on the Wednesday morning that followed. The product was well priced with free delivery, and arrived with clear instructions available on line. We had tracking information from the outset, and can’t speak highly enough of your company and its service. Keep up the fine work! Thanks

  3. Ann Smith

    Thanks for the good service and it was easy to fit..

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How To Measure Recliner Cable

You can print off a pdf where all you have to do is fill in the blank spots with your measurements, A, B and C

how to measure recliner cable

Open Full Size Cable Cheat Sheet Here

All recliner parts are universal. Makes of recliners, brand names or manufactures part numbers don't mean anything.

1 Measure the complete length of the cable C from barrel to the very end of the "S".,
Now measure the black plastic sheath B including the clips on both ends.
3 Measure the barrel diammeter A. This is across the round face not the length and should be 6mm.
4 Sub track the complete cable length from the black plastic sheath length and this gives you the exposed cable length. This is the most important measurement. Your old cable can be shorter but still have the same exposed cable length as ours.
5 IF your cable is longer then 830mm or 965mm look at the 1100mm cable options. Choose "Cable Only" from the menu above

Remember to remove the cable from the handle before measuring. Cable Only is the whole cable assemble including the black plastic sheath, barrel, "S" end and clips.

The 830mm cable has a 6mm barrel - black plastic sheath 733mm and exposed cable length 97mm - Choose "830mm Cable - 97mm Exposed" from the drop down menu above
The 965mm cable has a 6mm barrel - black plastic sheath 826mm and exposed cable length 139mm - Choose "965mm Cable - 139mm Expoosed" from the drop down menu above

There are many different exposed cable lengths for this handle. The 110mm and 150mm exposed cables have an adjustable end on the cable meaning the exposed cable end can be adjusted back by 7mm maximum. For example the 150mm exposed cable can also be 143mm exposed.

1100mm Cable exposed 100mm - If your complete cable length is longer then the two listed above you may choose this option. Measure the exposed cable length from the black plastic clip to the very end of the "S". Choose 1100mm Cable EXPOSED 100MM from the drop down menu above
1100mm Cable exposed 139mm - If your complete cable length is longer then the two listed above you may choose this option. Measure the exposed cable length from the black plastic clip to the very end of the "S". Choose 1100mm Cable EXPOSED 139MM from the drop down menu above.

How To Measure A Recliner Handle

1 Measure the outer face of the handle, left to right.
2 Measure the outer face of the handle, top to bottom.
3 This recliner handle measures 113mm x 70mm and takes the 6mm barrel. There can be a couple mm tolerances and our trigger will still fit! Choose "Handle Only" from the drop down menu above Choose "Complete" and your cable length from the drop down menu above

Please choose / measure carefully as returns / reorders will incur a handling fee of $10.00

Removing & Fitting A Recliner Cable From Handle

1 With the handle already out, locate where the black cable sheath clips into the handle.
2 Remove the wire retaining clip that loops over the cable with a small flat blade screw driver.
3 Unclip the cable from the handle, remove the barrel from the holder and dispose.
4 With the new cable, guide the barrel into the plastic handle barrel holder then clip the plastic sheath clip back into handle.
5 Replace the wire retainer over the cable and clip one side at a time back into place.
6 Test the new cable for smooth operation before refitting to recliner.

Remove And Fitting A Recliner Handle With Cable

1 Place a drop sheet or old towels around the recliner
2 Remove the two retaining screws from the trigger release handle.
3 Gently turn the recliner over remember correct lifting methods.
4 Locate the exposed cable end.
5 Manually open the recliner action by levering on the main actuator tube holding the foot rest section not letting it to fling open.
6 Using a pair of pointy noise pliers" clamp the plastic cable retaining clip clips together and remove from the recliner action frame.
7 Locate the "S" end of the cable and remove from the operating pivot. Holding the cable in one hand and the plastic trigger end in the other guide the complete unit out thru the trigger release end opening.
8 Check the new trigger release and cable for correctness before fitting.
9 Feed the new trigger release and cable thru the trigger opening end.
10 With the new plastic trigger release handle sitting in the correct position re-fasten it to the recliner.
11 Attach the "S" end of the cable to the operating pivot, then the plastic retaining clip to the recliner action frame. Test the new trigger release for smooth operation.
12 Gently close the foot rest and turn the recliner back over.
13 Sit in the recliner and open the foot rest using the new trigger release and check for a smooth operation.

No unfortunately. Pegar handles have been obsolete for many years and we don't stock any cables suitable.

Recliner springs are measured by the overall length. You'll find a break down of each recliner spring on each of the products pages. Simply click or tap on the "Measuring" tab.

No. There is only 1 colour brown available worldwide. There is no choice what shade of brown it is sorry.

Yes. There can be a couple mm tolerances in the measurements given.

Yes. Converted to millimetres is 110mm x 70mm.

You need to remove the trigger and cable from the recliner, disconnect the cable from the handle and use the Cable Cheat Sheet that is on the website.

Click or Tap on the "Measuring" tab on the products page and follow the Cable Cheat Sheet to measure your cable correctly. Make sure you disconnect your cable from the handle before measuring. If you cable has broken the barrel off of the end, simply add that measurement, 3.5 or 6mm to the overall length measurement.
Yes you may click and collect. Best you email prior to make sure someone is in. Cash Only or order online and select "Pick Up From Coolum Beach" during checkout.

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