Dewert Megamat Actuator

dewert megamat actuator

Dewert Megamat Actuator

From: $310.00

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From: $310.00

CouchGuard® can source just about any Dewert Actuator or provide an equivalent replacement if the part you have is obsolete.

All we need is the name of the actuator and the 5 digit part number on the rating plate to get started. Please see examples of the rating plates below.

Email us you actuators details from the Contact Us Page and we will find stock and current price, some parts may have a 3-5 day lead time.

Buy Genuine Dewert Parts From CouchGuard®

Images shown may vary from actual part

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The Dewert MEGAMAT actuators have a high push force of up to 8,000N and a pulling force of 8,000N. Ideal for hospital beds that are under heavy loads. They also have a low noise level and come with water proof protection IPX6.

This is the list of what we have sourced and all in the drop down menu above for selection:

Megamat MC1 70435,

Megamat MC2 56979,

Megamat MC2 64654,

Megamat MCZ 51635,

Megamat MCZ 52505,

Megamat MCZ 56107,

Megamat MCZ 81512,

Megamat MC1 52319,

Megamat 74107

Megamat MLZ 74146,

Megamat MLZ AC83-74105,

Megamat MLZ 84462,

Megamat MLZ AC84-75104

Megamat MLZ M73477,

Megamat MCZ 64466,

Megamat MBZ 36478 -> 42803

Megamat MBZ 48187,

Megamat MBZ 64237,

Megamat MBZ 48126,

Megamat MCZ 48659,

Megamat MLZ SDS.330.150FO6,

Megamat MLZ SDS.320.150FO5,

Megamat MLZ 79366,

Megamat MLZ 76583,

Megamat MLZ 77463,

Megamat MCZ 58719

Megamat MPZ 45385

If you don’t see your part number, email yours and we’ll see what we can do for you.


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