Pick ups from our new warehouse in Thomastown are welcome but please email us to find out when we will be in this week.

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There's loads of information on EVERY products page. You just need to scroll down and click or tap on things to reveal this infomation. Here are some common questions asked:

Q: How do I measure a cable?

A: Click or Tap on the "Measuring" tab on the products page and follow the Cable Cheat Sheet.

Q: How much leather colour is needed to recolour a couch and whats in each kit?

A: Click or Tap on the "In The Box" tab when your on the products page to reveal a detailed list plus an "Coverage Ideal For..." under each kit.

Q: I Can't add an item to the cart?

Q: I Change the option but the price doesn't change?

Q: I Click on the "Measuring" tab but nothing happens?

A: Make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser. Here is a secure link on how you do this: How To Enable Javascript For My Browser. If java is enabled close your browser and restart your pc.

Thank you

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8/25 Goodyear Drive
Thomastown, Victoria 3074
Please email for opening times this week BEFORE you arrive at our warehouse

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