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Recliner Power Supply

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Genuine Okin electric recliner power supply JLDP.10.054.001 which has industry standards output of DC 29v – 2amp and is compatible with the Okin JLDP.10.080.201, Kaidi KDDY008A, KDDY008B, KDDY008C along with the Okin SP2 & SP2-A.

We also stock a 9v battery back option compatible with the Okin SP2-B1 Power Supply and ALL our electrical items are “C” Tick Approved – Meets Australian Standards and come with 12 month warranty.

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Electric Recliner Power Supply

This replacement power supply for reclining chair, has the “O l” (oh one) flat blade / round pin plug. It takes the figure 8 power cord as standard. Because figure 8 leads area universal fitment, this power supply can be used worldwide. These plug ends are the industry standard and fit 99.9% of the recliners on the market.

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    We recently purchased a new power supply for our electric recliner. The service was excellent, quick delivery and a great price. Thank you.

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    5 Stars

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    Garry Crowhurst (verified owner)

    Just the best. Not only was I able to source this beauty to fix my couch, I didn’t need to purchase the cords if I didn’t need them as they sell separately. I was also impressed that it was delivered so quickly and I wasn’t needing to order from offshore and wait months. In a matter of days my couch was working again, many thanks.

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    J. Cronin (verified owner)

    Excellent service, very satisfied. Was delivered to my door.

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    Kay Sanderson (verified owner)

    Thank you Tim for your patience with me when I tried to work out what I needed for my recliner. I received it yesterday and am very pleased with the outcome and the short time you took to get it to me.
    Regards, Kay

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    Just wanted to thank you for your speedy and professional service.
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    Received power pack for my lifter chair today
    All connected and works, so Thank you
    One happy customer!

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    Thank you for the prompt service and your help.
    The chair is working like a champion.

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Power Supply Specifications

Input: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5amp (Australian figure 8 mains power cord)
Output: DC 29V = 2.0amp
Plug: STD 01 female ( O l Plug)
Duty cycle: Max 10%; Max Time on: 2 min

This is the industry standard power supply for power recliner chairs including lift chairs.

Removing & Fitting General Electrical Components

1  Place a drop sheet or old towels around the recliner.
2 Turn off and remove the power supply plug from the mains.
3 Gently turn the recliner over onto its side or on its back. Remember correct lifting

4 Locate the component and its lead. Follow the lead along to the plug end remembering where it runs.
5 Using a pair of side cutters, snip the cable ties that are retaining the lead
to the frame.

6 Unplug the socket and remove the old component. Place the new component lead along the same path as the old and cable tie the new lead to the frame.
7 Check all other leads are out of the way of moving parts.
8 Turn the recliner back over to normal seating position
9 Plug the main power supply back into the wall.
10 Test the new component. Operate the lift chair recliner to its fullest position
and check that all the leads are clear and not stretched.

11 Return the lift chair to its normal seating position.

Tip: Check that all the leads are cable tied away from moving parts before
turning the power supply back on. Leads can sometimes get jammed between
moving parts causing a dead short after the chair is moved.
DO NOT exceed more then 2 mins operating time at anyone time. If you do
exceed this time, wait 20 mins before using again.

A. The KDDY022 uses the 6pin adaptor plus seperate charger to charge. This is because these batteries are generally mounted up under the recliner. The KDDY022A uses the recliners original power supply to charge.

A. Yes. You just need to edge the motor out to the desired length then fit the remaining clevis pin.

Yes. We have made this kit universal so makes and models don't come into play as you are replacing the complete electrics with the latest on the market. Just check the overall length of the motor is no shorter then ours.

The Okin Battery Pack 1800 is designed for an inline back up. This means it connects between the power supply now and the chair. Power goes out, you wouldn’t even know it, even with the LED and USB connected. This battery pack is still the best option if you’r planning on using it a s standalone unit and would last up to 3 months before charging is required with NO LED.
Both are not suitable IF you’r planning on using them as  a standalone power source.
No battery is going to last long when the LED is glowing 24/7. Same as leaving your car lights on! You’d be charging it daily.

No. The 1800mAh Power Pack has an inbuilt charging board which means you use you standard recliner power supply to charge it. The 1300mAh comes with its own seperate charger.

Yes. All recliner chair motors are 24V or 25V and use the 29V power supply.

These plugs are worldwide, industry standard 0l plugs. One size. When you look at the male plug end it looks like zero (O) and a one ( l ) hence why its called the oh one plug.

All you need is one of our battery back up for power recliners. We have two options. The best option is the 1800mAh Battery Pack which is an inline solution. Always on charge and kicks in automatically when the power goes out.

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